Work on this section began in a rather unusual way. Someday I was walking on the Castle Square and I was asked to take a photo people from another polish city. Suddenly we heard a sound of trumpet. It was quarter past eleven. Many visitors were interested of resounding melody. This sound
came from the clock tower of the Royal Castle. In response, they heard from them something like: We have no idea, we live in Warsaw 40 years and we coud not help you unfortunately. I already knew at that moment what about will be our next episode – Warsaw Movie Guide.
Stage of preparations were not as easy as seems to be. At the beginning we had to talk with people responsible for contact with media from the Royal Castle. We had to find out whether is a possibility filming of the same tower performance by trumpeter. Only after obtaining the consent of the first one you could think of the laying of the whole scenario. So passes another period of work.
We think the scenario is almost ready but suddenly it turns out that the best result can be achieved to make contact directly with the author melody of the bugle call. Here we begin the stage of obtaining leads to people that will be able to report to us, for example, the phone number to the one person without whom our section today was not to be the same. It succeeded! Now we have to find a place in which we could carry out the interview and record it. Luckily we found a cosy cafe which not only serves great snacks but also has to offer a truly climate of Warsaw. You can find this easy by watching our section. Whole works together with the element of post-production took almost 2 months time and decided to pay us a little less stress. Evaluate whether it was worth it, watching our new section – Warsaw Movie Guide.